What’s the benefits?

There are many good reasons to introduce Alexander’s work to both children and adults. Especially it’s better if you could start from an early age such as primary level.

Alexander lessons help us to take a step back, find resources within ourselves, and stay in touch with our well-being.

Much of what we regard as talent is actually co-ordination in the widest sense: intelligent co-ordination of mind, body and eHana at pianomotions. As our students come into contact through lessons with the source of their mind-body co-ordination; our students find their overall learning and well-being improve. They become more confident and resilient, able to think calmly and constructively when faced with life’s challenges.

The Technique helps us achieve our goals with less effort. The awareness developed in Alexander lessons can be used in academic learning at schools, work environments and sports and dance, as well as playing computer games, having pint with your friends and everyday living. People quickly get interested in Alexander work when they see their skills and confidence improving. This practical approach allows them to feel in charge of their reactions to life and to have more choice.

Some of the things that young people report after Alexander lessons are:

  • improved quality of attention
  • better co-ordination and balance
  • enhanced self-confidence and emotional buoyancy
  • improved ability to recognise their habits and control impulses
  • Relaxation and calmness
  • reduced pain and discomfort
  • the ability to think in activity
  • curiosity

Although the Alexander Technique is considered one of the most powerful methods for musicians, it is often considered an exclusive service for professional musicians due to expensive tuition fee.

So I would like to introduce the Alexander technique’s approach through music lessons to my pupils and to allow them to improve and enhance their quality of well-being in daily life. This way, I hope my pupils open up their ability and grow in confidence with love and excitement of music making.