What is Music as a Whole?

After 16 years of teaching, I am truly convinced that everyone is gifted and possesses some deep inner quality within.

My passion for teaching is about how to allow these inner qualities to be revealed.  I am really enjoying helping my pupils realise their true potentials as musicians.

I named my music school as Music as a Whole with the intention to provide music lessons for the fundamental growth of the whole human being. Making music requires you to connect yourself –to touch your emotions, to organise your thoughts and to coordinate your body with a good understanding of musical language. When you come to perform, you have the chance to push your boundaries and achieve something greater.

I have the desire to inspire my pupils to the wonderful world of music, in order to assist them in continuing to have genuine excitement and growing love for music. I believe it is key to success in music making and allowing a student to develop their natural appreciation for the instrument. Ultimately there is no correct answer when we come to express who we are. Therefore I always make sure that my pupils are aware that they have freedom to explore music.

In our lessons, you learn different elements of music step by step by studying simple musical materials. I use simple words and fun games so that my pupils organically understand different aspects of music. That way, they have solid understanding which makes it easier to approach making music on a keyboard.

There are students concerts twice a year where you will have opportunity to perform and share your musicality and musical journey with us!