What is Music as a Whole

Music as a Whole is a unique music school with teaching based on the Alexander Technique.

FM with kids

We believe making music is an expression of who we are and it is a tool of communication.

In our lessons, you learn how to get rid of unnecessary tension and coordinate yourself as a whole. You will find yourself having a deeper experience of the music while your general quality of life is enhanced by the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique is considered one of the most powerful methods for musicians, a foundation skill to learn to play freely and express more deeply while preventing physical problems.

Instrumental lessons are combined with learning the Alexander Technique, they are taught on a one-to-one basis by experienced musicians, who are also well-qualified Alexander Technique teachers.

We believe that everyone is gifted and possesses some deep inner quality within, which has been waiting to be released.

Grow in confidence with love of making music while improving the quality of your life!