Tuition Fees

Due to Covid 19, I am offering  1 hour online lesson only. This 1 hour lesson includes several follow up videos and a short session in the later of the same week at fee of 45 pounds.

Private Piano lessons

30 minutes  25 pounds

45 minutes  35 pounds

60 minutes 45 pounds

90 minutes  65 pounds

Lessons can be combined with piano and Alexander Technique sessions, however the lesson length needs to be more than 60 minutes.

For a young child beginner, I can offer a 30 minutes lesson with a short session of the Alexander Technique.

Alexander technique lesson only   40 minutes (initial session 60 minutes) 30 pounds

Home Visiting   I am happy to travel to your home with a small travel expenses. The length of a lesson must be more than 1 hour.

Phone +44 75 381 88 537


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