Ryoko Izutsu

Piano & Alexander Technique teacher

Hi everyone,  welcome to Music as a Whole!   I am Ryoko Izutsu,  founder of this music school.
I am delighted and excited to open this school.  Music as a Whole is a unique music school with teaching based on the Alexander Technique.  I have first-hand experience of the efficacy of this technique – a Repetitive Strain Injury picked up through harmful way of practise in University left me unable to perform for 6 years. After discovering the Alexander Technique I was able to cure the injury and further improve my playing. I feel it is my mission to support young musicians and adults to avoid such injuries from the outset, and open themselves to the expressive possibilities of the Alexander Technique.

I have over 16 years of teaching experience in the Alexander Technique with piano in both my country, Japan and UK. I teach Alexander Technique immediately before the piano lesson. My pupils both children and adults do not need regular finger exercises and their minds and bodies are tuned, free and coordinated, so I observed a large improvement very quickly. The students play with a greater depth of feeling, individuality, passion and the music comes from deep within themselves. Through learning music at Music as a Whole, this is my aim: that our students discover and experience how much potential they have and grow their ability with wonderful adventure in music making!

ProfileRyoko face photo in garden 2016

RyokoIzutsu was born in Kobe, Japan. She graduated from Osaka College of Music while being a victim of a repetitive strain injury. However, the injury proved a blessing in disguise when she discovered the Alexander Technique. After studying this technique for three years, she completely cured herself, as well as realising the expressive potential that Alexander Technique can give her as a musician. She moved to the UK to study at the Guildhall and was awarded her degree in 2011. She completed her Alexander Technique teacher training course at Westminster Alexander Technique centre 2013 and she is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher. She has more than 16 years experience of teaching piano and her style of teaching which combine Alexander Technique and piano playing has been appreciated by both children and adult learners in Japan and UK.

She has toured Japan as both a soloist and a concerto performer and has appeared at festivals. Recently she has been invited to perform at St Martin -in -the- Fields as a part of pianist of the worlds series. She enjoys playing as a soloist as well as accompanist in various venues in London.