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About Ryoko’s teaching

I give lessons to my pupils for them to become balanced musicians –they become whether professionals or music lovers – who understand musical language, different styles and can do improvisations. I am trained to be a classical concert pianist and my strength is to give you basic understanding of musical grammar and different styles of period and composers. Improvisation is a basic skill to understand music language and classical music so I love encouraging my pupils to improvise freely.

I have been teaching private piano lessons in both Japan and the UK for over 16 years: I have taught students of all levels: from beginners (both children and adults) to advanced students from ages 4-75 years. I have taken more than 40 students through ABRSM exams mostly with distinction/merit.

I teach children from the age of 4 and can assist my pupils to enter music conservatoire and take grade exams and diplomas.

In my teaching, I try to make everything clear and enjoyable – especially for young beginners – using simple words and making connection with musical games so the students can understand instinctively. I have a supportive and encouraging approach as a tutor and I see my pupils’ challenges as my own. I believe that motivation is highly important for the learning process, so I take extra care to understand what it is that the student would like out of their studies, the styles and genres of preference. I then tailor my lessons accordingly.

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Telephone  +44 75 381 88 537

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