How it works

My aim is to provide a warm and supporting environment for my students, so that they can learn music more comfortably and confidently, experience the joy of playing and the excitement of progress in their music making. I hope that the quality of my pupils’ life is enriched through their personal musical adventure.

From my experiences, students are encouraged to continue having lessons during spring and summer breaks because they are likely to progress further during holidays.

Private lessonschildsmallsquare   Ideally you are recommended to have an Alexander Technique lesson prior to the instrumental lesson, so that you can benefit from learning how to combine Alexander Technique and piano playing more efficiently. Depending on how long your lessons are, you would have an Alexander Technique lessons prior to a piano lesson (required more than 1 hour lesson). If your lessons length is short as 30 – 45 minutes, you are likely to have piano lesson only, however, my teaching is based on the Alexander Technique and you will be learning useful essences of the technique. Please see ‘tuition fees’ section for more details.

 Group lessons  Stimulating music group lessons are available (subject to availability, please ask for more information).

Students concert There are two concerts each year, usually in New Year and before summer break. Students are encouraged to perform both as a soloist and in ensembles. This provides a good opportunity to achieve something great in you and feel you are musicians, as well as making your parents and family feel proud!

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