How it works

Our aim is to provide a warm and supporting environment for our students, so that they can learn music more comfortably and confidently, experience the joy of playing and the excitement of progress in their musical making.

Our lessons are designed to have an Alexander Technique lesson prior to the instrumental lesson, so that you can benefit from learning how to combine Alexander Technique and playing instruments more efficiently.

In addition, stimulating music classes are available using the best materials to support our students’ progress. We also hold workshops given by professional musicians to explore music making in classical music, jazz, folk music and improvisation.

childsmallsquareThere are three concerts each year, one at the end of each term. Students are encouraged to perform both as a soloist and in ensembles. This provides a good opportunity to try
to achieve something great in you and feel you are musicians, as well as making your parents and family feel proud!

It is our hope that the quality of our students’ life is enriched through their personal musical adventure!