Ryoko Izutsu (Founder)

Hi everyone,  welcome to Music as a Whole!   I am Ryoko Izutsu,  funder of this music school.
Ryoko Pic

I am delighted and excited to open this school.  Music as a Whole is a unique music school with teaching based on the Alexander Technique.  I have first-hand experience of the efficacy of this technique – a Repetitive Strain Injury picked up through harmful way of practise in University left me unable to perform for 6 years. After discovering the Alexander Technique I was able to cure the injury and further improve my playing. I feel it is my mission to support young musicians and adults to avoid such injuries from the outset, and open themselves to the expressive possibilities of the Alexander Technique.
I have over 10 years of teaching experience in the Alexander Technique(AT) with piano in both my country, Japan and UK. I teach AT immediately before the piano lesson. My pupils both children and adults do not need regular finger exercises and their minds and bodies are tuned, free and coordinated, so I observed a large improvement very quickly. The students play with a greater depth of feeling, individuality, passion and the music comes from deep within themselves. Through learning music at Music as a Whole, this is my aim: that our students discover and experience how much potential they have and grow their ability with wonderful adventure in music making!