Due to COVID 19, I give online lessons (1 hour at 45 pounds) only at the moment.

As online lessons might not give you as strong impact as face to face lessons, I am offering more follow ups. 

 A weekly online lesson has 3 parts.

We will see on skype or WhatsApp for a normal lesson for 1 hour. After the online lessons, I will send you a follow up video (I would post on YouTube as unlisted) by the end of next day. This would help you to remember what we have done in last lesson and what you need to focus until next lesson. After 3 days from the initial lesson, I would like to see you again for a short session ( around 20 minutes) to know how you are getting on and to answer your questions or to help you continue working. This would also help me to organise and plan the next lesson.

DAY1 Online lesson for 1 hour

DAY2  Follow up video

DAY 3 & DAY4  You practice with the follow up videos

DAY 5  Short online lesson

DAY 6& DAY7 You practice accordingly

Now schools are closed and some of you told me that children are not going to school until this September. GCSE also has been cancelled. As a tutor in music education, I’m deeply concerned with how much it will affect to us – especially to children as their precious time for learning has been lost.

Learning is a kind of creating good habits and we need constant encouragements, reminders and challenges. Therefore I would like to support my pupils more than ever to continue to learn and grow during this period.

I believe that although we are in uncertain time, we should not allow this incidence to stop us from learning and developing. Online lessons might not be the best form of learning but considering the situation, it would be a better choice.

I am planning to hole students concert on 12th July in Charlton House, the beautiful venue in Greenwich. Some of you have been working towards grade exams & GCSE and some of you play for pleasure or just have started having lessons with me. I believe that it is very important for us to have aims and goals so that we’re motivated to work towards especially under this circumstances. I hope things will calm down before July and we can meet and share our great efforts to play wonderful pieces of art. Even if the situation is still uncertain, I will find the way to hold our students concert using online devices.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for your questions!

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