Child learners (Piano)

Ryoko has been teaching piano to our 11 year old daughter Hana Hana and Ryokofor the last 3 years and we have been very happy with the tuition she offers.
Ryoko has a unique approach to her teaching and is very good at encouraging her students to develop their skills. Ryoko also uses Alexander technique as an addition to her piano teaching which is very beneficial for mind body coordination.
Hana enjoys Ryoko’s piano lessons and has made excellent progress over the last 3 years and has performed in concerts at school and outside.

– Kazuko & Tim



Our two children have made excellent progress under Ryoko’s tuition. They have both developed into keen pianists. They enjoy their lessons and take pleasure from being able to sit down and play. Through the concerts she organises, they have grown in confidence and now enjoy performing. I would (and have) recommend her as a piano teacher. -Clare

Ryoko has provided me and my daughter with outstanding Piano teaching over the past 3 years.  Her approach uses Alexander technique methods which have brought out a relaxed, free flowing musicality in our playing while at the same time providing us with structure around practice and musical and intellectual rigour.  I’ve particularly enjoyed discussing my pieces with her and appreciate the value of having a true musician as my mentor.   – Serra


Our two sons have had piano lessons with Ryoko Izutsu for the last 12 months. In this time they have developed both technically and musically. Each child is a different personality and we appreciate the way Ryoko adapts her style to help them learn, enjoy the music and grow in confidence. They both look forward to their weekly lessons and having the lessons in our home makes arrangements much easier. We are very pleased with how the boys’ music making has developed and they now enjoy playing to family and visitors!

– R and J Walker (Leytonstone E11)

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