Alexander Technique in my lessons

I am a qualified Alexander Technique teacher. I guide my pupils to how to stop tensing up and coordinate yourself as a whole. My pupils do not need regular finger exercises and their minds and bodies are tuned, free and coordinated, so I observed a large improvement very quickly. The pupils play with a greater depth of feeling, individuality, passion and the music comes from deep within themselves.

I have first-hand experience of the efficacy of this technique – a Repetitive Strain Injury picked up through harmful way of practicing left me unable to perform for 6 years. After discovering the Alexander Technique I was able to cure the injury and futher improve my playng. I feel it is my mission to support any music learners to avoid such injuries from the outset, and open themselves to expressive possibilities as musicians. You will find yourself having a deeper experience of the music while your general quality of life is enhanced by the Alexander Technique lessons.

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