Students Summer concertWelcome to Music as a Whole

Music as a whole is a unique music school for children and adults with teaching based on the Alexander Technique.

Having gained such high reputations as an innovative music educational provider in Japan and the UK (2013 – 2017), Music as a Whole has come back to London again to launch its high quality, friendly and essential musical education to every music learners!

We believe making music is an expression of who we are and it is a tool of communication. We believe that everyone is gifted and possesses some deep inner quality within, which has been waiting to be released.

The Alexander Technique is considered one of the most powerful methods for musicians, a foundation skill to learn to play freely and express more deeply while preventing physical problems.

We are aiming to grow this innovative way of leaning music worldwide to help and guide music lovers to lean more sufficiently and enhance their fundamental growth. We have a vast network of inspiring & fine music teachers who are also well qualified Alexander Technique teachers all over the world.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, we are happy to help you!