Students Summer concertWelcome to Music as a Whole

Making music is an expression of who we are. Ever since I started teaching 16 years ago, I have believed that everyone is gifted and I am now completely convinced that we all possess some deep inner quality within, which has been waiting to be released.

I wish to guide my pupils to enjoy music and play piano their entire lives, no matter whether they become professionals or continue to play for pleasure. I provide music lessons so that my pupils become balanced musicians who can express who they are and find solutions.

My teahing is based on the idea that everyone posess musical gift. I would love to take care of the musicality each one of my pupils and try to find out how we can reveal it in music.

‘Music as a Whole’ is a unique music school in south east London offering music lessons with teaching based on the Alexander Technique to children and adults at any level.

The Alexander Technique is considered one of the most powerful approach for teaching for musicians, a foundation skill to learn to play freely and express more deeply. The Alexander Technique enhances your ability to coordinate your body and mind to the best condition as possible so that you will find your general well-being enriched through our lessons.

Having gained a high reputation as an innovative music educational provider in Japan and the UK (2013 – 2017), Music as a Whole has come back to London to launch its high quality, friendly and essential musical education this autumn 2019!

Find out more about Music as a Whole and get in touch if you have any questions.

Now I am offering online lessons. 1 hour lesson includes several follow up videos and a short session in the same week at normal 1 hour lesson fee. Please get in touch with me for more details.